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    1. News and Updates

      Click here to find out all the latest news regarding the Game Guru's community!

    2. Introductions

      Welcome to the community punk, introduce yourself in this forum and get that all important first post!

    3. Bug Stomper

      If you find any bugs or errors on the site report them here so we can stomp them down to the fiery depths of hell.

  2. Gaming Central

    1. General Gaming

      Discuss all aspects of gaming here from Fallout 4 all the way back to Ratchet and Clank. Please use the Retro forums for classics such as Sonic, Mario etc.

    2. Platforms

      This forum is bound for some interesting discussions. PS4 vs Xbox One vs PC no matter which side your on each one has there own advantages and disadvantages, have at it.

      Oh you can also talk about handhelds and the Wii, heh.

    3. Retro

      Whether you're old enough to remember playing these on your 4:3 TV or enjoy emulating the through your PC and phone there's plenty of discussion to be had about the games that paved the way for this generation.

    4. Mobile

      Lets face it we all do it, we all have at least one mobile game on our phone whether its doodle jump or a GBA emulator. Discuss your favourites or everything you think is wrong with the mobile gaming world. Pay to play and freemium spring to mind.

  3. Belly Of The Beast

    1. Hardware

      Discuss the latest hardware specifications or if you're feeling like a show off post your rigs specs.

    2. Software

      From gaming platforms such as Steam and GoG all the way to software that boosts your PC performance such as Nvidia GeForce Experience and Game Booster there's plenty to discuss when it comes to software.

    3. Technical Support

      Do you find yourself scratching your head and shouting to the heavens asking for help? Well cry no more, ask the community your aching questions, if we don't have the answer we can at least point you in the right direction.

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  4. Everything Else

    1. Off Topic

      Discuss anything not relating to games here. Remember that gif of those cats rolling around that you found on reddit? You can post that here and pretty much anything else you find whilst trawling the web.

    2. Trash

      The forum where all the useless garbage ends up such as spam posts and anything that doesn't follow the guidelines.

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